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Our new apartment. I love this. I love the area, it’s really close to the city.
Kitchen is really beautiful and there is also dish machine what you can’t find every rental apartments. Small cute balcony. I have my own closet, which one I forgot to photograph and also big bathroom.  Bedroom was little too small for that we didn’t got another tv there.

Can you see how much I love this place?

I promise to take pictures when this is ready.

i’ve got free backpack


Ah I’ve got some time ago my Ivory Jar order. I was really surprised that I got free backpack for a gift because my order was over 50£.
I was somehow disappointed that horse shirt was cut off-sleeve. There wasn’t any mention about it, so I expected normal t-shirt.
Also one other thing made me sad. That Jesus beanie was tight. I wanted it to be like Boy London beanie, loose.

So two things made me happy. Bambi shirt and gift! I’m not sure do I wanna make another order for Ivory Jar if they keep sending random cut off sleeve shirts. :((